Ways to Purchase
These types of trees are sold as retail and wholesale from our farm.


Pre-Cut: $10.00 - $50.00
Precut Fraser are displayed next to the main building. They are cut throughout the
selling season and have excellent needle retention. Blue Spruce are also available. The price includes tax.

Cut Your Own: $60.00
Fraser Fir are available in abundance for you to cut. Blue Spruce are also
available. Saws are available for use. The price includes tax.


Tagging or Row Run:
Customers may either tag trees individually, or purchase a row. If purchasing
a row, each row will be sold as a group (rows vary in the amount of trees).
The trees will be cut and moved to a specific area. Discolored, misshapen,
or trees under 6 - 6.5 feet will not be cut and sold.

White Pine and Colorado Blue Spruce.


The Walsh Christmas Tree Farm won first prize
at the Ohio State Fair in 2007.
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